The group of 2023 and beyond, in alphabetical order…

Alex Kirkwood

Food & Beverage Director – The Point

Aldo Lara

Head Chef – The Dolphin Hotel

Antonio Rossi

Restaurant Manager – Menzies Bar

Brett Robinson

Group CEO – The Point

Christian Denny

COO – The Point

Charles Woodward

Chef Tournant – Shell House

Danny Corbett

Executive Chef – The Point

David Colley

Assistant Manager – Harry’s

Eduardo Fritis-Lamora

Head Sommelier – Shell House Dining Room

Faris "Wheels" Hindami

Head Chef – Harry’s

Francesco Turrini

General Manager – Shell House

Ida Axelsson

Event Manager – The Dolphin Hotel

Joel Bickford

Culinary Director – The Point

Josh Reynolds

Bar Director – The Point

Laurent Ripolles

Sous Chef – The Dolphin Hotel

Pierre Saint-Chamant

Lead Host – Shell House

Ross Bailey

Operations Manager – The Dolphin Hotel

Sam Sirianni

Duty Manager – The Dolphin Hotel

Sanjog Onta

Logistics Manager – Shell House

Sebastian Lopez

Bars Manager – Shell House

Siddesh Parab

Sous Chef – Menzies Bar & Bistro

Tim Petersen

Restaurant Manager – Shell House Dining Room

Vanessa Pasuch

Accomodation Manager – Harry’s