The Point is dedicated and proud to play an active role in giving back to our community.

We’re dedicated and proud to play an active role in giving back to our community.

A few of the ways we do this is through donations and providing event spaces for large fundraisers, charity functions, auctions & presentations. We support local charities by raising awareness in-venue and on social media for various social and environmental issues.

We are committed to breaking the stigma in relation to mental health by providing a range of events and donations to various charities such as One Wave, Livin & RUOK.

We are committed to ensuring the health of our locals by promoting an active healthy lifestyle through supporting and hosting charity events for organisations such as The Bright Alliance which raised over $1 million for the Prince of Wales Hospital.

We are committed to caring for our environment and oceans by using only certified sustainable seafood, biodegradable products, eliminating the use of plastic straws, housing community events such as the Ocean Lovers Festival and working with charities such as Take 3 for the Sea and Surfrider Foundation.

We aim to provide a safe haven, friendly to all demographics for locals, tourists, mums n bubs, glamours, grommies and hipsters. Everyone is welcome!


Charities, communities and causes we support.